There’s a little nip in the air…

We just had our first few days of rain on campus. I love fall for all the beautiful changing colors, the slight nip in the air, and especially the rain. I’m one of those atypical Californians who loves the rain. When I told people from back home that I was going to school in Washington state most of them questioned why I would want to go someplace where it rains so much. Strange enough, Walla Walla doesn’t get the rain that Western Washington gets. Walla Walla is mostly sunny and beautiful year round, even in the winter when it’s quite chilly. So I relish the days when I get to splash through puddles, wear my rain boots, smell the dampness in the air, and fall asleep to the sound of pattering raindrops on my window.


What I truly love about the weather in Walla Walla is the fact that there are four distinct seasons. I will never forget the cab driver who picked me up from the airport when I visited Whitman my senior year of high school telling me about how spectacular the seasons are in Walla Walla. I’ve never lived in a place where the summer is dry and extremely hot (as summer’s should be in my personal opinion), where the air changes and the leaves turn beautiful colors and fall off in the fall, where it snows (sporadically and not very heavily I should say) and there’s a distinct chill in the winter, and where the spring surprises you with the freshness and beauty of the earth coming alive.


Fall, winter, spring, and summer. The separate and changing seasons bring liveliness and vitality to campus. Just when you think you can’t handle the heat any longer, the air turns chilly. And just when you’re tired of bundling up and fending off the cold, the flowers start to bloom and a warmth seeps into the air. The seasons make you appreciate the cycles of the year and the sequence of time. It makes you live in the moment and relish the beauty that is today and be excited for what’s to come to tomorrow… much like the Whitman experience.


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